Sustainable Consumption Calendar


  • This handy and meaningful present is at the forefront of a trend of sustainable lifestyle
  • This is an opportunity to emphasize that your interests are not only in the field of business development, but also in care for future of the planet
  • This is clear manifestation of the social responsibility of your business activity
  • QR code on every page provides a way to access audio and video content in the knowledge base
  • Check-list of the responsible consumption helps in tracking of the useful habits
  • Calendar is printed on the recycled paper (FSC Recycled 100%, certificate code: SGSCH COC 007953)
  • We provide an opportunity to add your logo and other business details in the Calendar design


12 main topics of sustainable consumption

  • Humanity’s Ecological Footprint
  • Sustainable Consumption with Zero Waste
  • Types of Household Waste
  • Marking of Packaging and Materials
  • Separate Waste Collection at Home
  • Separate Waste Collection in City
  • Transition to Reusable Products
  • Minimalism as Lifestyle
  • Resource Efficiency at Home
  • Ecological Сleaning
  • Ecolabelling of Products
  • Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Printed on the recycled paper (FSC Recycled 100%, certificate code: SGSCH COC 007953, Mondi, Австрия).

All the proceeds from the sales of the Calendar, will be invested in events aimed at popularization and awareness increase of sustainable consumption.


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